BioAsia Healthcare Devthon (January 10-25, 2015, Hyderabad)

An initiative to spur innovations in healthcare & life sciences through co-creation

BioAsia Healthcare Devthon is an initiative that will bring together healthcare experts, doctors, designers, engineers, technologists and developers together onto one platform to discover, design and rapidly prototype technologies and solutions relevant to the life sciences and healthcare fields. The goal is to facilitate the development of products and services that address unmet needs and are positioned to be rapidly adopted by end-users.

Areas of Focus

Target Audience

  • Engineers & Designers
  • Researchers & Students
  • Healthcare startups
  • Hospitals/Diagnostics
  • Doctors & Healthcare workers
  • Government & Regulatory Agencies
  • Research Labs
  • Health Foundations

Sample Challenge Areas

  • Patient compliance monitoring (TB, etc)
  • App-enabled support groups for chronic conditions (diabetes, heart conditions)
  • Innovations in patient data portability and retrieval
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Cell-phone based diagnostics
  • Appointment scheduling and doctor referrals
  • Low cost, robust medical and diagnostic devices that can function in resource-poor settings
  • Telemedicine models

Why Attend?

  • Upto INR 2,00,000 worth of awards
  • Address challenges and build solutions that create an impact
  • Wide array of Facilitators; engineers, data scientists, researchers, health care experts and many more
  • Showcase at a national level conference in the presence of multiple stakeholders
  • Unique networking opportunities

Key Takeaways for Participants

  • Create technology solutions for real-world change of environment, local economy or community
  • Present proof of concept prototypes through plenty of support to make it a end-user solution
  • Identify pain points, present solutions and validate existing ideas with domain experts in the field


Healthcare Innovation Cell
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of Telangana

BioAsia Secretariat, 204, B-Block, Imperial Apartment, Greenlands circle, Ameerpet, Hyderabad -500016, India
Tel: +91 40 66446477 / 6577 Email: